Now that 2017 is upon us, many marketers are left wondering what trends can we expect to see dominate in the new year? 2016 brought some new marketing ideas we had yet to see and we can expect to see these continue as we move forward. Over the last ten years digital marketing has come a long way and every year it changes. So here a few things we can expect from 2017.

  1. Mobile Friendly

It’s pretty obvious mobile was a main focal point of 2016. With the launch of Google’s Amplified Mobile Page, or AMP, we saw a focus on mobile users over desktop. Google’s focus here is to make more information available to mobile users at a faster rate. The search engine continues to push for site to implement AMP to their site. It started with a message in Search Console encouraging users to make their pages AMP ready. Next, they launched the Google AMP test tools, which make it easier for developers to make their page AMP applicable.

Earlier in 2016, Google announced it would begin pushing for mobile to be the primary search index. This is being done since each year mobile sees an increase of nearly 58 percent, pushing it past desktop searches.

In 2015, Google launched Mobilegeddon which was aimed at increasing ranking and traffic to site that met Google’s mobile requirements. A clear hint that the company wants sites to focus on becoming mobile friendly.

  1. Video Ads

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Over the last 2 years, video ads spending has increased nearly 85 percent and that number is expected to increase in 2017. Marketers are finding that video can provide many benefits to its users, everything from increasing time on site to delivering information to users faster.

Currently, video ads are dominating social platforms such as Facebook, and Google has taken notice of this. In 2017 we can expect to see more video ads within search results, giving advertisers new ways to reach their audience.

  1. Google Penalties 

Google continues to fine tune their search algorithm and has continued to penalize sites both manually and algorithmically. The search engine giant will continue to do this until all spammy site are excluded and only quality information is provided to users.

Although many sites are not drastically affected by this Google updates, assuming they have participated in digital marketing practices that meet Google’s guidelines. However, if a site has had some spammy practices such as duplicating content, linking from spammy sites, or keywords stuffing then a penalty may be in the site’s future.

Companies should complete an audit of their complete website to ensure they have been practicing white hat tactics. Some SEO tactics that were popular 5 to 10 years ago could end up hurting a site in 2017 and in the future.

  1. User Experience 

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Content marketing has changed from building content for search engines to creating it for the users. Users are the ones who are reading, liking, sharing, and back linking to these content pieces. Search engines take this type of data into consideration where it comes to ranking a website.

This goes for designing a site as well. Having a site that is responsive, mobile friendly and loads fast all dictate how a user browses the site. If a site loads slowly and the user clicks backs out of the site, this shows search engines the site is not relevant to the user. Thus resulting in the site losing rankings.

  1. Augmented Reality Pokémon-Go

Pokémon Go took the mobile world by storm in 2016. Nintendo saw a huge increase in users, downloads and revenue—and many companies taking notice to this. Now businesses are creating ways they can utilize augmented reality to increase app downloads and even in some cases increase foot traffic to brick and mortar stores. The success of Pokémon Go will usher in a rush of new related games and apps that force users into the real world; all while being connected to their devices.

  1. Develop a proper plan for social media marketing 

You should get started with your corporate objective immediately and then you must chalk out a proper social media marketing plan. Proper planning will help you in generating some great benefits through this method. Going forward without an effective plan up your sleeve is very risky as you might get off the tracks and lose it all instantly.

  1. Live Streaming

Facebook has launched live streaming and has been pushing it through advertising. Users now have the ability to show followers what is happening in real time. It’s not just limited to users; businesses have begun utilizing this feature as well. Followers can see products being used, the working side of the business and even sneak peak to new products. News is now shown to users in real time rather than through a video or article that has been uploaded.

Social media marketing can prove to be really beneficial for the internet marketers and business owners. If you want to become successful in your industry then you will have to make the most out of social media marketing campaigns. There are currently several social media strategies that can help you get the maximum amount of business for your organization. Further, in this article, you are going to find some social media tips that will surely help you handle your business in the best possible manner. You will want to pay proper attention towards the below mentioned articles.

Some of the key tips that you should follow in this regard are discussed below. You want to follow them wholeheartedly.

Better start from the inside 

Always remember that planning and marketing procedures start from the inside of a business enterprise. You should, therefore, need to ensure that you plan everything beforehand so that no issues bother you. You must find a good audience for your business and that is only possible if you make out proper plans in advance that will help you in the long run.

Build a strong community

The next thing that you should do is build a strong community as it helps in generating fine results on the go. You just have to visit a suitable networking website on the internet and form a strong community of corporate members as they will help you handle online affairs conveniently. You can opt in for various websites such as Twitter or LinkedIn as both these websites are intuitive and easy to navigate.

Develop a procedure in advance 

Developing a strong procedure for social media marketing campaign is very important. You can talk to an expert for this purpose as he/she would be able to guide you in the best possible manner.

Always have a strategy for content

Content is always the king and so you need to have a strategy planned out for it beforehand. You need to work had to develop a strong strategy for content management as it is of utmost importance to your online communities.

Work hard on advertising

These are some of the finest things that business owners need to remember regarding social media tips. You need to opt in for the right alternative so that you can generate some fine results on the go. For further information on your options for 2017, visit as it will give you enough reading materials. Without proper help, you won’t be able to achieve much and therefore you must count on social media experts for your business growth.